Filling the Hole

This is going to be the rotation for the Cubs this year:

1. Ryan Dempster

2. Carlos Zambrano

3. Matt Garza

4. Carlos Silva

5. Jeff Samardzija

I think it could be a toss up between Andrew Cashner and Jeff.  Although Randy Wells will be a strong candidate, his inconsistincies may strike against him.

Jeff will be training hard and I think this will be his year to shine.  He was sent down last year and went 11-3.  That’s pretty decent numbers. He won’t let the team down.

Of course, the list is in no particular order.  I’ve said before that Dempster will be the Opening Day pitcher, but then again Matt Garza might be the pick because he’s the Cubs stallion right now.  Which I still hope Ryan starts.  He deserves it.

—Mark Gauthier


  1. livingthedream · February 6, 2011

    Not sure I buy Wells out of the rotation. Samardzija has yet to prove any level of starting success in the majors and while Wells may be sporadic at times at least we know he’s done it before.


  2. The Cub Den · February 6, 2011

    True. I think you’re right. Maybe Jeff still needs to prove himself.



  3. raysrenegade · February 6, 2011

    In all likelihood, Ryan Dempster will get the Opening Day nod over Zambrano or Garza.
    That honor runs deep in the Cubs tradition that the most deserving gets that first bite of excitement and chance to show the fans what they got for 2011.
    Spring Training could change the rotation order, or even eliminate Jeff Samardzija for a bit,but we sometimes forget Samardzija has a long acreer in front of him and Wells is reaching his….sunset.
    But I like that rotation. Has great power in the top and great potential in the bottom. Hopefully both can mesh and make the Cubs consistent winners this season.

    Rays Renegade


  4. cubbiesfan98 · February 6, 2011

    As far as options go, the NFL is still one of Samardzija’s. If he doesn’t make the major league team this year, I expect him to cut his losses and enter the NFL draft. He was an All-American wide reciever.
    I hope the Cubs take Samardzija and Looper as relievers and then sub them into the rotation if Silva or Wells starts getting shaky.

    There’s Always Next Year


  5. ronlang44 · February 7, 2011

    I like the top 3 but I am not sold on Silva. I have high hopes for Cashner and Samardzija. Wells needs to have a strong spring. I think we have good options instead of bad options in the rotation.



  6. cubfan_joe · February 7, 2011

    Jeff will not make the starting rotation. why leave Wells out after two seasons. Jeff has been way more inconsistent.


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