Retro Sunday

Last night I was watching the best of Ed Sullivan.  It was a greatest hits compilation of some of the musical acts of the sixties.  It featured The Rascals, The Doors, The Supremes and Sly and the Family Stone.  A great program and although I was far too young to remember that era, it got me to thinking about what great music (and not so great) came out of those years.

I checked out my trusty Itunes.  My wife and I had a friendly bet about a song called,”I’ll Be There.”  She said it was by the Jackson 5.  Now, I know they did a song called, I’ll Be There” but it wasn’t the song I was thinking about.  No, the song I was thinking about was The Four Tops song called,”Reach, I’ll Be There”-A Great Song!  I was dancing around the living room.  Reminded me of The Big Chill, although that was before my time as well.  Love Motown!!!!

So, I kept on looking through Itunes.  I listened to a lot of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal in the eighties(a true sign I’m getting older when I start labelling music because back then it was just cool) I had a mullet,tight jeans and rock t-shirts with Motley Crue and Aerosmith, you know, the ones with the white sleeves and black front?  Baseball style.  I knew I can fit baseball in to this post.  I think those jeans are kicking around somewhere too calling to me.  Hey, I know I still wear a poncho that I had twenty years ago.

Anyways, I started doing searches for bands like Spread Eagle, Faster Pussycat and Cinderella.  Yes, WASP is still going strong.  I loved these bands in High School.  I started rockin’ out as I was listening to the preview clips.  It got me thinking about baseball, kids and wives. 

As I get older and my interests change,  I think Darcy’s trying to sleep, maybe I shouldn’t play that song too loud.  Or is that content too questionable.  It’s got explicit lyrics. Or in the age of digital downloads and seamless edits on Ipods, would the transition from Adelle to Faster Pussycat give me a headache.  I guess somethings are better in the past.

A new season begins soon. 

 Now excuse me, all I have to do is hit Purchase and that Spread Eagle song is mine.

—Mark Gauthier


  1. raysrenegade · February 13, 2011

    Always cool totake a step back every once in a while and listen, watch or even read something from the past that made you laugh, cry or think like a madman.
    Music is the easiest of the lot, but also the one that holds the most memorable connections to our past loves, hates or even most impressionable moments.
    I did not get to see The Doors live on Ed Sullivan, but I wish I had. Back then my parents were not avid Ed Sullivan fans. Becuase we were young, they stuck Red Skelton in front of us as if it was going to make us smarter….I still hate clowns (lol).
    Thanks for letting me drift down Memory Lane a bit…with the top down.

    Rays Renegade


  2. russelw · February 13, 2011

    Kids do change things, that’s for sure. Usually for the better.


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