A Lazy Saturday

One of the great things about listening to baseball on the radio is you don’t have the luxury of a visual.  It also seems strange in this day and age where everything is a point and a click away.  Yesterday our family relaxed in the living room as the Cubs powered their way pass the Padres.

We listened to the game on the radio, well through Gameday Audio, but it was almost like a throw back to the days when families listened to the radio at night.  It was nice. 

The Cubs won 9-4 

Although I fell asleep halfway through and caught awoke for a few more innings, it also made me realise how enjoyable baseball is on the radio.

—Mark Gauthier


One comment

  1. russelw · March 6, 2011

    I love relaxing on my patio during the summer listen to the Cubs or Sox on the radio……….and yes, I usually end up taking a short nap while doing it.


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