Happy Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day.  Mary Beth celebrated her first official Mother’s Day complete with a family brunch and then we went to a local Japanese restaurant for supper.  It was a special day.

Even though it was Mother’s Day, I managed to peek into the Cubs/Reds game for a few innings before I fell asleep.  What a beautiful day for baseball in Chicago!  There was plenty of opportunities for scoring chances but the Reds squeeked it out 2-0

It wasn’t that the Cubs played horrible, but the Reds capitilized on things.  It happens.  I’m still maintaining that this year’s edition of the Cubs are ready to open up and play big.

Ryan Dempster pitched well.  So, he’s coming around.  Starlin Castro is showing his inexperience going 7-51 in his last 12 games.  I’m not worried about him.

Get ready though, here comes the Cardinals/Cubs series.  This is going to be a big series that resembles a monster movie. 

—Mark Gauthier

One comment

  1. Michael David · May 10, 2011

    That first Mothers Day (or Fathers Day as you’ll find out soon) is always very special. The Cubs-Cardinals is always an interesting series.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’


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