The Meeting

After yesterday’s loss, Coach Quade held a team meeting. He was embarrased by the loss. I don’t blame him at all. They had a four run lead and fell apart. Now, I’m not going to be harsh because it happens. The Reds are a good team. However, a lead like that has to stay or the Cubs won’t be in the playoff hunt this year. 17-22 is not a good place to be.

Hopefully, the Cubs will get it figured out.

In other news, they sent Tyler Colvin down to Triple A Iowa.

Ok, I’m mixed on this move. Yeah, Colvin was in a slump but to be fair, he wasn’t getting the playing time either. Kosuke Fukodome is having a good year, but I still think Colvin is a better player and maybe they should alternate. Colvin one series, Fukodome the other. The kid has to play, no question about it.

—Mark Gauthier


  1. southernbelle · May 17, 2011

    Mark: Joe Girardi had a team meeting with the Yanks the other night, but it didn’t do any good…the losing streak is now 6 straight! Better luck for the Cubs!


  2. I hope the meeting fires everyone up and pans out long term. I know what you mean. Teams are going to lose, but blowing a good lead for the loss can’t happen more than a handful of times a season or it’s bad news.


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