Well, last night I tuned into the game in the eith inning all excited to sit and listen to the Cubs on a warm evening.  Isn’t that what baseball is about?  I checked the score and the Cubs are winning.  My excitement is mounting, the tide is turning, the Cubs are moving up in the standings.

I went to the fridge and got myself something to drink.  Here we go!

Well, I don’t know what happened between the fridge and getting back to the game.  Just a second, let me tell you.

Carlos Marmol, probably my favourite Cub player allowed 6 runs in the ninth.  He hasn’t given up a home run since last year.  It’s a pretty safe bet that when fans see Marmol walking to the mound, watch him look this way and that way as his ears poke from his cap(that’s not a slight Carlos) I get excited.  It’s Marmol-Aid time!

Perhaps he was having an off night.  I don’t know.

Carlos Zambrano provided some of the entertainment by breaking a baseball bat over his knee.

Back to Marmol; A pitcher with his talent will be back doing what he does best–Marmol-Aid!

—Mark Gauthier

One comment

  1. WrigleyRegular · June 2, 2011

    That was a crazy inning. Very unusual to watch Marmol getting knocked around the yard.


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