Chicago Cubs Seeing Red

All right, how many times have they used that as a headline?  Matt Garza returned yesterday, but the Cubs lost 8-2 and now  their losing streak reaches 8 games.

Yeah, it’s going to take some time for Garza to get back in the groove and Aramis is still wobbly.  Then again I’d be lying if my confidence in the team is the same as it was at the beginning of the season.

The Cubs have not done well at all against other teams in their division and I don’t know what that statistic is but I can guarantee that not many teams who have gone on to win the World Series has had a losing record to teams in their own division.

In other news…

Zambrano wants to be a “Cubbie” for life.  News at eleven.

—Mark Gauthier


  1. strictlycubsbaseball · June 7, 2011

    As crazy as Big Z can be at times, there is no doubt that he wants to win and plays hard. The Cubs just don’t have the right roster to win at this point and time. Hopefully, something will change soon.



  2. Red State Blue State · June 7, 2011

    Z is more trouble than he’s worth… and he ain’t worth it. The team is in shambles and he’s not helping. Garza… man, what a disappointment. Hope he finds his old self. It’s not fun having the Cubs be THIS bad.


  3. mlblogsbluejaysnest · June 7, 2011

    I agree with Jeff, even if Big Z posted Roy Halliday like numbers (which he won’t) his constant distractions and club house disruptions aren’t worth it. He wants to win, which is great, but he’s not afraid to throw his teammates under the bus to do it. As soon as his was unable to record the win on Sunday I don’t think he really cared how the team did.


  4. macbeth11 · June 7, 2011

    Yeah, maybe it could be time for Carlos to move on. He’s passionate but a distraction for sure.


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