Cubs Lose a Tough One

Milwaukee Brewers 9

Chicago Cubs 5

They couldn’t make it three in a row but there was some good things to come out of last night’s game against the Brewers.  Reed Johnson hit a three run homer which I don’t need to preach about how good a player he is.  The Cubs are the only team in the Majors that haven’t won three in a row.

 I guess everyone is getting worried including the Ricketts.  Something tells me you don’t want to get the boss upset,”Everyone in the organization is frustrated.” Ricketts told the media, “Mike’s done a great job, I have 100 percent confidence in Jim.”

Now, this might seem like everything is fine on the surface but I can guarantee that one of them will not be there after the All Star break.  Hey, he’s the captain of the ship and his job is to be cool under pressure and say all the right things to the media, but as every fan knows that  when teams aren’t winning, the coach and the GM are the first to go.

—Mark Gauthier


  1. Red State Blue State · June 16, 2011

    That David Haugh piece in the Trib yesterday kinda hit it all on the head… who is actually the authority on this team? There seems to be none. Ricketts is responsible up to this point. Fans are getting tired of the apathy.


  2. WrigleyRegular · June 16, 2011

    The dreaded “vote of confidence”, it’s almost always the first step to being fired.


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