A Great Game!

Last night’s game was one of the best games I’ve ever seen!    A real pitcher’s fest.  Ryan Dempster was incredible.  Tim Lincecum was amazing.  Nope, you couldn’t have asked for a better game. 

So, here’s how I look at it.  Mike Quade pulled Dempster because he had no choice.  If the Cubs were playing .500 ball Dempster would have stayed in the game for sure.  Hell, if the Cubs were up a few more runs, he would have stayed in the game.  Unfortunately, the Cubs needed that win real bad and it couldn’t have been against any other team except the champs.

Carlos Marmol feels bad for the win but what are you going to do?  We know how great the game was and that’s all that matters.  Did anyone see the look on Dempster’s face when Marmol got that strikeout?  A real team player.

Kudos to Kelsey Grammer for the best version of  Take Me out To The Ball Game.

What about Tony Campana?  When he was at third and it looked like nobody was going to stop him  from reaching home.  I have to admit, I was ready to go to bed at the end of the eighth but seeing Aramis Ramirez crack that ball out to the field was priceless. 

Last night, the Cubs played like they were in the World Series.  Hell, they played like champions.

—Mark Gauthier

One comment

  1. That sounds like a great game. And then forcing a blown save out of Wilson today? That’s a nice little roll the Cubs are on there.
    — Kristen


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