Welcome Back To The Cub Den!

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve posted in the Cub Den but I knew I’d be back.  A lot has happened since my last post.  A new GM in Theo Epstein, a new manager in Dale Sveum and tons of new players!

I look forward to bringing a positive spin into what’s being billed as a rebuilding season, sharing thoughts opinions and debating who’s better, who’s best in baseball and of course cheering on the Cubs!

So, I’ve got my Chicago Cubs coffee mug in hand-Let’s talk baseball!

But first, the great Tony Campana!

It’s good to be back,



  1. Minoring In Baseball · June 5, 2012

    It’s good to have you back, Mark! Let’s just hope this season is the start of something positive for the Cubs!


  2. Welcome back, Mark! I’ve missed you on the blogs. Hope all is well with the family. a rebuilding year perhaps but with some interesting building blocks. I look forward to reading your perspective on all of it.
    — Kristen


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