Stephen Strasburg

There’s a difference between a Phenom and phenomenal. Mark prior was phenomenal. Stephen Strasburg is well, both.

When I saw that Strasburg’s baseball card was tearing it up on the circuit, I had to have it. Not so much for the monetary value but for the,”We’re in the presence of greatness.”

Years ago we had Wayne Gretzky, then it was Mike Tyson Tiger Woods and Sydney Crosby. Now it’s Stephen’s turn.

I remember listening to the game in Syracuse with all the ESPN hoopla and then watching his National’s debut with 14k’s

When Stephen went down with surgery, is this going to be Prior all over again? Nope. Strasburg has come back this year and could possibly be in contention for a Cy Young.

That’s not phenomenal—That’s freakin’ awesome!


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