Getting Your Goat

I don’t believe in curses and I think it’s ridiculous to think that the Cubs lack of success on the field is due to an animal that for all intents and purposes couldn’t care about the game.

There was no curse in 03, there was no curse in 07/08 when they won their division(apparently curses only come out when things go wrong) and there was no curse in signing Milton Bradley. Ok, every team gets that curse.

It’s just a scape goat. Wow, I just noticed that pun-wicked!

Hope is real. Hope makes people put hard hats on with siphons attached to beer cups. Hope makes grown men paint colours all over themselves in frigid April and bitter September. Hope is passed on to generations of baseball fans clinging to that inner peace that maybe, just maybe this could be the Cubs year.

Then again, Hope doesn’t win ball games.


One comment

  1. Red State Blue State · June 13, 2012

    Speaking of goats, this current Tigers/Cubs series is a rematch of the ’45 series where Mr. Sianis brought his goat into the game before getting kicked out by the powers that be. The rest of the story you already know.


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