We Need Anthony Rizzo

With the All Star Break coming up next month, the Cubs are looking at some changes to happen. First, they let go hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo. Perhaps it was the right thing to do seeing the Cubs are sitting 13 1/2 games back, but really was it that good of an idea?

I’m not a big fan of letting coaches go midway through seasons. Sometimes it shows a lack of trust in players and coaches alike. Unless they’re in a run for the playoffs then it makes sense but really, Jaramillo is a good hitting coach, probably the best in the game today, so letting him go can express mixed feelings among the players into what the organization is trying to convey. Maybe it doesn’t.

The Cubs weren’t expected to make any post season run, so why not wait out this year and try everything that comes up? Experiment and have fun.

Anthony Rizzo, the hot first baseman that every Cubs fan is waiting to step right up and see play, has hit 22 HR this year in Triple A.

I know the coaches don’t want to rush any player, that’s just the way the game is played. I believe they’re close to calling him up and it could come as soon as the all star break is done.


Another player


  1. WrigleyRegular · June 17, 2012

    It’s time to finishing blowing the 2011 Cubs up. They got rid of Ramirez, Cashner, Marshall, Zambrano, and Pena during the off-season. Now let’s see if they can move Dempster (for solid prospects), Soto (pennant teams need a good backup catcher, that’s what Soto is), Soriano ( If you can get an AL team to bite on him), and LaHair (Should bring a low level prospect in return and free up room for Rizzo to play).


    • macbeth11 · June 18, 2012

      Yeah, I agree. I think after moving Dempster, the Cubs will be set with their prospects up soon.


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