Beating the Angels is the Shih Tzu!


When I was a kid, there were a series of books that the 8th grade students wrote called, “Good News, Bad News” I don’t know why I remembered that but ok, the good news is the Cubs beat the Angels in one of their split squad games yesterday, the bad news is they lost to the Brewers in the other game.

So, there I was sitting in the kitchen watching Angels and Cubs on the laptop(still no Apple TV), eating peanuts  there was a shot of a man stroking his Shih Tzu. Who brings a Shih Tzu to a ball game? In front of an announced crowd of 7100? A Schih Tzu? C’Mon!!!

If there is any questions as to what Carlos Marmol needs to work on to retain his status as the Closer it is this:  Bottom of the 4th, bases loaded, nobody out. He’s done that a lot in the last few years. So, maybe it’s time to go?

It was nice to see Josh Hamilton play and a test for the Cubs against the big hitters.

Christian Villanuava is excellent. He’s got great arm power and can really toss it across to first base. I’m becoming a big fan of him. Oh, yeah, congratulations to Brian Bogusevic going 3 for 3 and a homer over the Halos. Nice work! I was excited to hear that Jeff Samardzija is getting the Opening Day start, not so excited for Matt Garza to be out for a couple of months. –Mark

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