That’s The Cubbies!

Our son is a Blue Jays fan. There, I said it. While watching the game on the weekend, he turns to me and says,”No Cubbies Daddy! Blue Jays.” So that’s what we did, we watched some of the Jays game. Not that it’s a bad thing, anyone who lives in Canada pretty much has a soft spot for the birds. Let’s face it, the Blue Jays are going to have an incredible year. Cabrera, Bautista,Lawrie, Dickey–it goes on.

There’s two possible reasons for Darcy’s cheering for the Blue Jays.

  1. We have three Blue Jays in a tree in our backyard which I pointed out to him.
  2. He knows a great team when he sees one. Children don’t lie, that’s true.

He’s two years old, but what was great was seeing him get all excited about the game. Yelling,”Go,go,go” as the player ran around the bases and,”Oh No!” when he was called out.

So, when it was time to switch over to the Cubs, Darcy was playing and comes over to me and says,”I watch Cubbies with you Daddy?”

He watched about a minute,”That’s the Cubbies daddy!” He turns to me with an ear to ear grin only two year old know how to do.

‘You like the Cubbies?”

“Yes, Daddy” Then he was off playing again. I think the point is that it’s kind of neat watching the game like a two year old. They always believe that a team can win on any given day. They don’t look at statistics or who won the World Series the year before. It’s just a game,”Run Run,Run!”

Yup, PreSeason baseball! Gotta love it!!!




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