Pine Tar Syndrome


There is an epidemic going around in baseball. I know you’ve seen it, cause I’ve seen it too. Ranging throughout the ranks from Manny Ramirez to Starlin Castro–it’s the “Pine Tarred helmet”syndrome.

Why does this happen? Apparently, it’s from their hands touching the helmets. Would you have thought that Manny Ramirez was believed to be the first player to do this?

So I did a quick search to see if there were any reasons to do this and one of the answers was that it helps put it on their gloves when they put their helmet on.

Call me naive, but I have noticed this for a long time. It bothers me because it looks sloppy. A uniform is a uniform and whether someone fights fires or plays baseball, they should treat a uniform with respect.

Some teams like the Montreal Canadians don’t allow the uniform to touch the ground out of respect for the players who wore it before.

I believe it’s time for a change. Players should wipe that tar off of their helmets when they step up to the plate.


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