An Amazing Catch

"This is why we play."

“This is why we play.”

It didn’t end perfectly. Two out, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded. Second baseman Darwin Barney, back from a lengthy injury and a Gold Glove winner steps up to the plate. He waits for that pitch, the crowd rises to their feet, rally caps on. This is it folks, don’t grab a beer, don’t go to bed and certainly don’t leave your seats.


Barney’s eyes are looking up towards the Wrigley lights, his eyes follow the ball as he jogs to first. He knows this ball ain’t coming back.


Centre Fielder Craig Gentry makes the catch which most Cubs fans wished he didn’t(though it was an amazing catch). Texas wins. Cubs pack up and go home.

“I was thinking, ‘This is why we play,’ and all those crazy things,” Barney said of his final at-bat. “Unfortunately, I got punched in the neck, it felt like. You get a good piece and you pray it drops, and it doesn’t. That’s part of the game. What a catch out there. Gosh. That ball gets by him, it’s game over.”

Sure it was another Cubs loss, but if Hope springs eternal, things are all right at the Friendly Confines.

I’m not talking about the other teams around the league, because everybody knows that Atlanta and Oakland are tearing it up across ball diamonds around the great nation. Nope, I’m talking about our beloved Chicago Cubs or Cubbies as our son Darcy affectionately calls them.

They have a shot at the wild card.

Starlin Castro has 18 hits. Adrian Gonzalez has 22. He leads the National League. That’s not bad.

There’s also Nate Schierholtz. Yes I was skeptical, but he’s the big reason the Cubs are making it an interesting season so far.

Anthony Rizzo has three homers so far but watch him when he gets warmed up.

and David Dejesus isn’t getting enough credit for his performance this year.

The Cubs may not be getting the wins but they’re keeping it close and proving that this club will compete with the best.

One other point:

Welcome back, Darwin! Welcome back!


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