Cubs in The Red Zone


I brought the car in for servicing yesterday and got a lift from the service advisor to work. Apparently, the Cubs are the talk of the town because this advisor couldn’t stop talking about the stellar play of Carlos Villanueva. He was blown away by how the Cubs are playing this year.

The word is getting out!!!

If a baseball team is going through a rebuilding process, then the way to do it is lose by one run and /or fight back in games by keeping it real close. The Cubs have done it this year. 1-0 to the Reds. That’s a hard loss to take.

Jeff “The Shark” Samardzija has been a, well, a shark this season for the Chicago Cubs. Yesterday, he cut his finger in the first inning, but fought through it. Ok, for those of you who don’t get the importance of a pitcher cutting his finger, it’s not a good sign.

“It got compressed a little bit and a little baby cut,” Samardzija said, downplaying the injury. “It was a little interesting. It wasn’t so much the feel of it, but more so the liquid coming out of it than anything else. They let me pitch, which was good. Everything physically was fine. It was more aesthetic than anything else.”

Yesterday’s game wasn’t as much as what the Cubs did wrong, but the Reds just showed their experience.

“We seem to find a way to keep the game close and scrape across a couple runs when we need them,” Samardzija said. “You’ve got to take it as a positive. You need to look at what went well and build on it. We’ve played some really good teams over the last few weeks. … We’re right there and need to stay positive and finish this month strong.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s going to be the key to the season.

By the way, from now on when you read Shark, I’m automatically assuming you know it’s Jeff Samardzija. It’s just too hard to type Samardzija.

Ok, any suggestions for a Carlos Villanueva nickname? He rocks the mustache.


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  1. Minoring In Baseball · April 25, 2013

    That’s all I can come up with right now…


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