We Love Scott Feldman, Completely

Scott Feldman celebrates after his first complete game.

Scott Feldman celebrates after his first complete game.

Scott Feldman earned his first complete game last night following a 6-2 victory over the San Diego Padres. A nervous Dale Sveum cautiously allowed Feldman to continue into the ninth.

“That cutter was really chewing them up tonight,” Sveum said. “That was about as pure and crisp as you can imagine out of a guy who doesn’t throw 98 mph. That was pretty impressive.”

What’s been happening to the Cubs this season? It’s not the Soriano’s, Castro’s or Barney’s getting things done(ok, they’re doing a pretty damn fine job too) but it’s the production coming from guys like Scott Feldman, Carlos Villanueva, Julio Borbon, and Cody Ransom that are stealing some of the thunder away from the superstars. as well as Anthony Rizzo bringing the Bam! It’s been an amazing season so far.

It’s also been the first complete game for the Cubs this season.

let’s not forget the impressive work coming from Nate Schierholtz(I’d give him a nickname, but you’d know where I’m going with it.) in twenty-five games, Nate has gotten to second base a team leading ten times with an OBP of .345.

Nate Schierholtz is pretty much in the Cubs top five in every category. That’s the kind of production that will earn the Cubs a Wild Card spot come October. Don’t believe me? Come back to this post in October.

The Cubs wrap up the series with the Padres today at 2:20 before a big weekend series with the Cincinnati Reds. The Cubs are sitting five games back and four wins behind the Reds, so no baseball fan has to say just how important this weekend is to the Cubs.

Quote of the day:

“All we really need is to be able to run our business like a business and not a museum,” Tom Ricketts. (regarding the ongoing saga of a new video board at Wrigley.)

Remember folks, Change is Good!

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