Win in the Cards

Travis Wood pitches a gem.

Travis Wood pitches a gem.

The problem about watching baseball this time of year in Canada is you have to compete with the NHL Playoffs. Sometimes it’s difficult to say to the guys,”Yeah, the Cubs are on tonight and they’re playing the Cardinals.” when there’s hockey on. some games do take priority. Last night, I shuffled back and forth between my beloved Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadiens series and the Cubs/Cardinals game. Both were a gem and both were decided by a goal/run.

The rivalry between the Cards and the Cubs goes way back farther than I can remember and spans generations. Every game has a hero and last night, Travis Wood was that guy.

“He’s the best starter in baseball, pretty much,” Cub’s Manager Dale Sveum said. “He’s figured it out. We talked about it at the end of last year and in Spring Training about how he’s able to pitch to both sides of the plate, and arm side — that’s one thing he couldn’t do — and now he can do just about anything he wants with the ball.”

The 30 000 plus crowd at Wrigley Field witnessed a great pitcher in command of his craft. They cheered when he left the game and they cheered when the Cubs won.

Nate Schierholtz, the Cubs sensational Fielder rocketed his fourth Home Run this year which helped the Cubs in the 2-1 victory. Kevin Gregg came in to close out the festivities. Nate’s home run lands the Cubs in third spot in the National League with forty. With the win, the Cubs have now won two in a row after losing four.

The Cubs now improve to 13-20 and will face the Cardinals today at 2:20 Eastern Time before heading to Washington to face the Nationals on Friday.

Keep it up boys!


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