A Cardinal Sin

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs

You knew that title was coming, didn’t you? I don’t know which is worse, the Cubs losing all the time or these close games. The Cubs lost yesterday 5-4 in a nail biter against their rivals.

Carlos Villanueva helped to keep the Cubs in the game but James Russel replaced him in the 7th inning.

“I know what our offense is capable of,” Villanueva said. “We’ve got Rizzo and Nate swinging the bat — maybe it’s just more opportune hitting. You can see the boys coming alive now, the weather is warming up a little bit. We’re right there. A couple chances there and they made some pitches, too, so you have to tip your cap. We’re close. Just keep chipping away.”

You know what I love about this team which hasn’t all ready been there in quite some time is optimism. These guys don’t care what sports writers say, but the Cubs are going out on the diamond and getting the job done. Yeah, a win would be great more often, but Carlos Villanueva said it right about chipping away. That’s all they have to do this year.

Darwin Barney is in a slump and sat yesterday as well as Alfonso Soriano making room for Ryan Sweeney who got a hit.

The Cubs have an off day before meeting the Nationals on Friday. Game Time is 7:05


One comment

  1. sarahlouisek · May 16, 2013

    Optimism is key, especially early in the season, to set the tone.


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