Shark Attacked & Other Weird Tales

jeff sam

It wasn’t the best night for Jeff Samardzija. It wasn’t a good night for the Cubs either. April Fool’s Day was the last win for the Shark. I hope it wasn’t a sign, but baseball is a game of superstitions. Awe C’mon, we’re talking about the Cubs here. Black Cats, Billie Goats, April Fool’s Day?

Last night, the Washington Nationals walloped the Cubs 7-3

“I thought I had good stuff today, fastball location was good,” Samardzija said. “There’s a couple pitches I’d like to have back, like the hanging slider to Desmond [on his homer in the fourth], and a couple here and there. It’s a tough one.”

Jeff Samardzija hit a double. That’s crazy! You know Jeff, it was a bad game. put it away and concentrate on today.

An interesting note: the Cubs had five doubles in the first five innings. Only scoring two? Weird man.

I want to talk about Starlin Castro. Yeah, he’s a little wild sometimes, but when he’s on his game, he’s one of the best. Apparently when he hits lead off, he’s even better. I want to show you something:

This is from one of my earlier posts.

Please notice the part where I said I might be crazy, but I did say Starlin Castro should hit Lead Off.

“He’s one of those hitters,” Sveum said. “He’s going to be the same hitter no matter where he’s hitting in the lineup.”

Cubs are seeking to rebound today at 4:05



  1. 8-2 sure looks like a decent and then some rebound score to me. This season so far is all kinds of weird, no joke. Best of luck to your Cubs! Still a lot of baseball left to play and I’m not ready to predict anything yet.
    — Kristen


  2. The Cub Den · May 12, 2013

    I’m definitely not counting the Cubs out yet.


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