Edwin Jackson Earns His Keep

Edwin Jackson, David DeJesus
Sometimes you can never go home. Edwin Jackson’s return to Washington turned out to be an outstanding win for the Cubs 8-2 over Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals.

That’s right, 8 to freakin’ 2 for the Cubs. Edwin Jackson pitching!

“It felt like the same size as me, that I was carrying double,” Jackson said about that certain primate stuck on his back. “When things are going bad, you can either fold and collapse or you can continue to work hard and climb your way out of a hole.”

He got that double witch contributed two runs to help them Cubs to an enormous win!!!

For anyone just joining us, the Cubs have had an up/down season. An exciting one for sure, but a learning one too. This victory helps the team chip away at the NL Central, but most importantly proves to the rest of the league that the Chicago Cubs are for real.

“He just needs to be Edwin Jackson and not worry about how much money he’s making,” manager Dale Sveum said.

This was Jackson’s first win this season and folks, let me tell you; this could be a major turning point for the team. Just wait and see.

Cubs finish off the series today at 1:35pm eastern. It’s also Mother’s Day so bring out the pink bat for breast cancer and ask her for a catch.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom and Debbie and Debbie and my most amazing, beautiful wife Mary Beth.


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