Happy Mother’s Day it is!

Alfonso Soriano taps home. The Cubs beat the Nationals 2-1

Alfonso Soriano taps home. The Cubs beat the Nationals 2-1

It was a happy Mother’s Day for the Cubs as they came from behind yesterday and defeated the Washington Nationals in a close game 2-1. By the way, chalk that up to another one run game.

“That showed a lot about the players,” Sveum said of his team. “The first night, having [Jeff] Samardzija on the mound and things falling apart, and to come back and win both games against two of the best pitchers in baseball showed me a lot about these guys to do something like that.”

It wasn’t a pretty game, but they’ll take it, moving their record to 15-22.

James Russell got the win and Kevin Gregg earned another save.

The team is winning these ball games with their supporting staff and getting unlikely help with their superstars like Alfonso Soriano who isn’t known for his base stealing, but there he was in the ninth stealing.

“That bullpen with (Rafael) Soriano, he’s a great pitcher,” Alfonso Soriano said. “But we got that break. We’ll take it. It’s important we got that win.”

Yup, it is important to get those wins especially by these great teams. The Cubs could be in the hunt. Just saying…

“It’s going to hopefully translate into some more wins,” starter Scott Feldman said. “We can start believing in each other a little more and know we can compete on a high level with a great team over there and come out here and get a series win.”

Speaking of great players(I really wasn’t but I thought I’d add this) Anthony Rizzo and the Cubs are locked up for the next 7 years. The wily first baseman and the Cubs agreed to the $41 million dollar deal providing a hopeful contingent to the Cubs World Series hunt.

Well done, Tony R!

The Cubs host the red hot Rockies tonight. Game time is 8:05 eastern


One comment

  1. sarahlouisek · May 18, 2013

    Wish I was there to see Soriano steal a base!


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