Carlos”The Villan” Villanueva Hits Rockies Bottom

Carlos Villanueva

The Cubs/Rockies game didn’t go well last night. First off, the Cubs lost 9-4. Carlos “The Villan” Villanueva did not have a great outing, and you know what that means? once Matt Garza gets back, Well, Cubs fans can fill in the blanks.

“Obviously, I have my own opinions,” Villanueva said. “Obviously, a move will be made. A night like tonight didn’t help my cause. I’ll take the ball whenever they need me to. I’d like to contribute and to win as many ballgames as we can. In the end, it really doesn’t matter that much what I think. Whatever happens will happen and they’ll make their decisions. We’re professionals here and we’ll handle it like professionals.”

Hector Rondon came in to replace Villanueva in the sixth inning after giving up seven runs over five.

The good news is Carlos is a great pitcher and I’m sure he’ll find a home in the organization.

“You chalk it up to a bad day at the office. It’s easy when you’re out there to put your head down in a game like today, but for me, it was try to get out of it and try to stay in as long as I could. It’s just a tough day all around.”

Maybe that was just it with last night’s game. it was a tough day at the office, lick your wounds and do it again.

“There wasn’t a whole lot he had tonight,” Sveum said.

I have to give credit to Dale Sveum for keeping The Villan in the game. Sure, it was a tough outing, but it also builds character and this is the time of year to try things out and experiment. Isn’t this the season for the Cubs to do that?

There was a fantastic play by Michael Bowden to ground out Edgmer Escalona. I can’t find a video to show you, but it was an amazing grab!!

The Cubs try to salvage the series tonight at 8:05 eastern before they host the Mets on Friday.


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