Shark Attack!

Jeff Samardzija, David Bell

It seems this year it’s all about the pitching. Last night, The Chicago Cubs beat the Colorado Rockies, 6-3. It might as well be the Shark Jeff Samardzija, doing all the damage. Check out what he did:

Popping a two run dinger of a Home Run in the second inning, almost getting a complete game but Jimmy Russell replaced the Shark in the ninth inning but Samardzija collected his first win since opening day. oh yeah, Jeff Samardzija was an all american wide reciever for Notre Dame. Bet you didn’t know that one didn’t you?

“He used the whole four corners of the plate,” Sveum said. “He pitched up, he pitched in, he pitched away, used his slider, used his split, used a lot of cutters tonight. He used his whole repertoire tonight.

Talk about multi tasking–

Then there’s David DeJesus who started the game with a lead off home run. Way to go David, you can fill in a certain reference to the movie Big Lebowski.

You see, I think the key to the Cubs success this season is going to be getting help all around. Not just the money guys like Alfonso Soriano, Starlin Castro or Anthony Rizzo, but David Dejesus(who is so underated on both sides of the plate)Wellington Castillo and Gold Glove winner Darwin Barney.

“We’re playing great baseball and not shooting ourselves in the foot and we’re just looking to keep it going, keep the momentum going that we’ve built up in the last couple weeks,” Samardzija said. “It’s exciting now, it’s exciting in the locker room and fun to play with these guys.”

Ah but there’s the secret right there, you have to have fun with the guys in order to win. When your ace gets a home run, it helps a little bit too.

Does anyone know what the statistic is when a pitcher gets a home run. What is the ratio between wins/losses?

The Cubs have a much deserved day off after collecting their first series win this year at Wrigley before they hosting a weekend series with the New York Mets.


One comment

  1. sarahlouisek · May 18, 2013

    Such a fun game that was! I liked seeing Samardzija bang that home run.


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