Cubs Take it On The Chin

Fans cheer on their ace, Travis Wood after he clubs his two run shot

Fans cheer on their ace, Travis Wood after he clubs his two run shot

The Cubs are suffering the ,”Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda” Blues this morning after a tough loss to the NY Mets 4-3 yesterday.

Again, it was the Cubs pitching staff that came through for them yesterday when Travis Wood worked his magic on both sides of the plate. Travis Wood knocked a two run home run in the fifth inning.

“We struck out twice with guys on third base and [one out], so those kinds of things come back to haunt you,” manager Dale Sveum said.

Yes, they did come back to haunt the Cubs, who were leading most of the game, but couldn’t hang on for the win.

It’s ironic though, that it was Travis Wood that would have put the Cubs in the win column, but it was Travis Wood that released that now infamous ugly pitch in the eighth inning to Juan Legares and watched the ball being crushed into the stands.

“As soon as it left the hand, I didn’t like it,” Wood said of the fat pitch Juan Lagares deposited into the left-field bleachers for a two-run homer to tie the game. “I was hoping he would pop it up or something, but he didn’t.”

Cubs catcher, Wellington Castillo had a great game going 2-4. I tell ya, the Duke is going to be around when the Cubs make it to the World Series.

So, the Cubs played extremely well yesterday, but ran out of luck towards the end.

Sure, it counts as a loss in the standings, but I think they’re coming together and are turning into a tough team to beat.

“We had a chance to break that game open in different situations,” Dale Sveum said. “From the dugout (Sweeney) looked out, and the replay … it was maybe a tie. We took some bad turns around the bases.”

That my friends, is baseball.

An off day today before the Cubs visit beautiful Pittsburgh with Matt Garza returning to the mound on Tuesday. Game time is 7:05 eastern.

It’s going to be good.



  1. sarahlouisek · May 28, 2013

    Loved watching Travis Wood belt that homer. Reminded me of Carlos Zambrano — a pitcher that could hit home runs. That’s pretty rare.


    • The Cub Den · May 29, 2013

      I’m liking the pitchers hitting the Homers. Love the NL because of that. Now if the rest of the Cubs can whack it out there 🙂


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