The Cubs Statistical Breakdown

Here’s a look at the Cubs season so far with some statistics. This is overall in the NL and AL


The Cubs are sitting in the 17th spot in the majors in the hitting column. It’s no secret that guys like Anthony Rizzo and Nate Schierholtz are putting the pop to their bats, but it’s also the pitching staff that has made it on base as well. Great job, guys!


The Cubs are in the top ten when it comes to pitching. Their rotation is nothing short of incredible. Working both sides of the plate, these guys have a combined ERA of 3.67. Way to go!!!


If there is any weakness in the Cubs hide, it’s fielding. The Cubs are scraping the bottom in this category in the 28th spot.


This is a category that’s pretty cool with the Cubs this year. They’re third in the National League and that’s no surprise. Anthony Rizzo is tied for fifth in Home Runs and that’s pretty cool. Way Cool!!!


The Cubs are in a four way tie in stolen bases with 29. Why is this an important stat? Because you’re that much more closer to scoring. Plus, I love the stolen bases. Makes it exciting.


Well, here’s a kicker of a stat. The Cubs are first in this spot. That’s right folks, we’re number 1! The Cubs lead the league with 101 times on 2nd base. So, why aren’t they higher in the standings?


The Cubs are 24th overall in runs. Which means that they can get on base, hell bash that sucker out of there at times, but they’re getting help with—


Yup, 24th in the league here too. Which makes sense. The Cubs can get on base but have such a hard time driving in runs.


The Cubs are in the bottom of the barrel here. Sitting in last place here, the Cubs aren’t drawing the walks.

So, these stats are the sign of a young team. They’ve got the pitching and the power but still are impatient when it comes to base running and plate work.

This will come in time and proves to this fan anyways that the Cubs will be an exciting team in two years. Ok, I’ll give em’ next year.

Theo Epstein and his staff are doing a great job with this team. Dale Sveum and his crew–Two Thumbs Up! The Cubs are going to plan.

At least we’re not the Brewers.



  1. Minoring In Baseball · May 21, 2013

    The Cubs are doing better than most predicted. I think they’ll be in the thick of things in the next few years.


  2. sarahlouisek · May 28, 2013

    I share Cubs season tickets (nights and weekends) with another party. Every year I wonder whether or not I should renew…the last few seasons have been disappointing, and the prices have gone up. Several folks I know have dropped their season tickets. I’ve been hanging in there, hoping the Cubs will keep rebuilding and putting together a future powerhouse team soon!


    • The Cub Den · May 29, 2013

      I think they’re just around the corner. A couple more years and a few more tweaks and they’ll be ready! Try the Flex Packs.


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