Cubs Take One in Cincinnati


The Cubs ended their losing ways by beating the Reds 5-4 in extra innings. Matt Garza was replaced in the bottom of the fifth inning by Rafael Dolis after the Reds jumped to a 4-0 lead.

There was some unusual antics when Johnny Cueto took a pot shot in the sixth inning at David Dejesus’s head after he went out of the batter’s box in the first inning. Matt Garza wasn’t too pleased by his actions, and in hockey circles, Garza would be considered as the team’s enforcer.

“If the game was played that way, I don’t like it like that,” Garza said. “You don’t go intently and try to injure somebody. Hopefully, the league looks at that. I don’t want him to get suspended or anything. I just want him to learn a lesson. Hopefully, his players will warn him. It is what it is — they run their own show. We’ll see him again down the line.”

Let that be a lesson to you Johnny Cueto, you’ve been warned by Garza. Good to have you back, Matt.

I don’t really agree with anyone throwing baseballs at anyone’s head. It’s not a very good tactic, just beat him with the pitches next time, Cueto.

“It probably woke us up as much as anything,” Dale Sveum said. “It woke our dugout up.”

So how do the Cubs respond to all these shenanigans? The big bats wake up. Anthony Rizzo hit a double and Soriano wallops his fifth home run of the season. The Cubs tie the game.

In the tenth inning, Wellington Castillo hits a double, enabling Scott Hairston to score. Cubs win!!!


  1. Clearly winning is the best revenge. I like the idea of a team responding with their bats rather than their fists. More fun for the fans too!
    — Kristen


  2. sarahlouisek · June 6, 2013

    I don’t like it when they pitch at their heads either.
    And now look at our Chicago Blackhawks, we will have to suffer through Duncan Keith’s suspension tomorrow night, during the playoffs, because of similar antics. Growl. I am not happy…


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