Give Me Five!

Scott Hairston rips the ball for a Grand Slam!

Scott Hairston rips the ball for a Grand Slam!

What is happening with these Cubs? I’ll tell you what’s happening; They’re winning. Yesterday, the Cubs walloped the Arizona Diamondbacks 7-2 in a game that launched three home runs each by Alfonso Soriano, Scott Hairston with a grand slam and Cody Ransom. Didn’t the Cubs sign Anthony Rizzo to a huge contract to hit dingers out into the street?

Two grand slams in two days?

“That’s how you score,” manager Dale Sveum said. “All of our runs were on homers.”

What makes this win so great and special is it’s the Cubs fifth, that’s right, fifth win in a row! Matt Garza gets his first win of the season and the Cubs stretch the margin over the slumping Milwaukee Brewers. Not that they gained ground going up, but you watch and see, this Cubs team is poised to do some damage in the standings.

“We’re playing catch-up to everyone else,” Sveum said. “But it’s still a long season. We’ve seen it before when teams can win 15 in a row, 14 out of 16 … something like that. Then all of a sudden, before you know it, you are right back in it and starting to have a lot of fun.”

Now, even though I was picking on Anthony Rizzo, he’s not the guy to worry about. In fact, this is a great thing when guys like Ransom and Hairston are smacking those things out of the park. Who would have thought the Cubs have a little depth? Nobody did at the beginning of the season. I sure as heck didn’t.

Can they make it six? Jeff Samardzija gets the start today at 7:15 eastern time.

Play Ball!



  1. Dave · June 1, 2013

    Even with a continually changing line-up by, necessity, Dale Sveum is playing his cards right.

    Perhaps the Cubs are contending spoilers or……spoiling contenders?


    • The Cub Den · June 2, 2013

      They are a lot better than their record shows. I have to agree with Sveum on that.


  2. sarahlouisek · June 12, 2013

    This would have been a great game to see…wish I had been there.


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