It’s Time For The Bullpen, Edwin Jackson

CT Cubs9.JPG

He has a huge contract. He’s only 1-8 this year. He’s Edwin Jackson.

The Cubs swallowed their pride after the Arizona Diamondbacks beat them 8-4

What do the Cubs do with Mr. Jackson? Should they put him in the bullpen in favour of Carlos Villanueva? I don’t know.

“Errors are going to happen,” Jackson said. “You have to be able to pick up all the fielders. Our team did a great job of coming back. They did a great job of battling against one of the best pitchers in the game. I did a terrible job of holding that game close enough for us to come back and win it.”

Yesterday was tough. It was freezing at Wrigley Field and there were a few unlucky plays that contributed to the loss. One thing is for sure, Edwin Jackson needs to slow the game down. He’s rattled and needs a break.

“He hasn’t really caught any breaks,” (Cubs Second Baseman )Darwin Barney said of Jackson. “This is what he does for a living, he’s a competitor, he’ll come back ready to pitch the next time and he’ll say the same thing. We’re going to see better things out of him, that’s for sure.”

To be fair to Edwin, the Cubs kept it close for most of the game. It was the hot bat of Scott Hairston to tie things up in the fifth for the Cubs to pull even. They were tied going into the sixth inning until the D Backs scored three runs and chipped in a run in the eighth inning.

It was a tough loss for the Cubs to take on a chilly day at Wrigley Field.

The Cubs have an off day today before facing the LA Angels on Tuesday as Scott Feldman is set to square off against Jared Weaver. Game time is 8:05 eastern.



  1. Dave · June 3, 2013

    I admit to being a little harsh by, comparison when I relate to Jackson or, Marmol but, I think the time has come for Dale Sveum to make good on promises to players, not up to the level of play they, should be.


  2. sarahlouisek · June 12, 2013

    I was at that game, and it was cold indeed. So cold no one wanted to join me, haha. Being a diehard fan, I went anyway, of course.


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