A Wing And A Prayer

Never in my wildest dreams did I believe 2013 would be a peculiar year for Major League baseball. Here we are in June all ready and Toronto is struggling, LA Angels are struggling, the Dodgers are fighting to make into the post season and, of course the Chicago Cubs have been, well, the Chicago Cubs.

This is going to be an interesting two game series against the hugely hyped(rightfully so) Los Angeles Angels. ok, I’m not a betting man, I ask the Girl Guides for change when they come around with the cookies. That’s how much I hate parting with the cash-I’m kidding! However, at the start of the season if someone were to ask me who will be in the World Series in 2013. I would have picked the Dodgers and the Angels. Yup, I would have parted with some bucks on that one. Hey, my wife and I went to Vegas a while back and spent $17.80 in gambling but I sure as heck would have bet on that one.

The Cubs(23-32) and the Angels(25-33) have almost identical records. This could potentially be a preview of a Wild Card team. The Angels competing for a Wild Card spot? The Cubs in a Wild Card hunt-What the?

That is why baseball is such an incredible sport. You can read all the magazines, check your tablet, keep up to date on Twitter and blogs. Hell, trying to figure out sabermetrics and applying it to these two teams is tough! Nobody could ever have predicted these two teams would be here in June in their position.

The Cubs have been so much fun to watch this year and I thank you Mr. Epstein and Mr. Ricketts for this entertainment but although the Cubs have their critics and naysayers; read this next part aloud, yell it from the office, the home, the café or the park bench:

Travis Wood hits a Grand Slam

Scott Feldman has a home Run

Jeff Samardzija Home Run!

Just nod and smile at everyone when you tell them you’re talking about the Cubs and people might ask you, “Have they ever won a World Series?” and instead of muttering under your breath, “1908”. Try nodding your head with pride,”1908, baby. 1908″

Here are a couple of extremely loyal LA fans blogs you should check out:

which is a great blog that everytime I read it, kinda always reminds me of 1988.



is an amazing blog on the truth of how Angels really get their wings.

Speaking of Scott Feldman, he gets the ball against the Weaver. Game Time is 7:05 PDT

This should be interesting.



  1. $17.80 for gambling? You wild and crazy couple, you. 😉
    Yeah, weird season and tonight’s was a strange game. Obviously I’m thrilled our offense finally woke up but, I have to say, a big part of their problem was Feldman. He was definitely on. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for the mention!
    — Kristen


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