Welcome To Wrigley Field, Kris Bryant!

Kris Bryant

The Cubs chose to go with a young infield. Kris Bryant was chosen yesterday in the 2013 Draft. Houston picked Mark Appel 1st overall.

What do you think about the Cubs choice? It makes sense, it really does. I feel with a few tweaks here and there, the Cubs pitching is almost where they would like it to be, so third base is what needs help. Don’t get me wrong, the pitching has got a lot of work ahead of them but I ‘m looking at their draft pick and yeah, Kris Bryant is going to be good!!

Kris Bryant, Starlin Castro, Darwin Barney, Anthony Rizzo—Yeah!!!

“I know they haven’t won a World Series in a while,” Bryant said. “Hopefully, I can do all I can to help the Cubs win one. That’s about the extent of what I know. I know it’s a great baseball city, I know it’s a great team — a lot of history to it. I’m excited and just happy I’m going to be given the opportunity to continue playing this game.”

The issue this season is getting the bats going so hopefully Bryant will provide them the stability they need to win that World Series.

“Of course there are going to be some things he needs to work on.” Head of Scouting and Player Development Jason McLeod said. “We spent a lot of time on that side of the game, his defensive side. We do think in the immediate future he’s going to play third base for quite a while, and if the time comes down the road where if he continues to grow or continues to get a little stronger and we feel a move may be necessary, then we’ll deal with it then.”


It’s going to be another key divisional series this weekend against the Pirates. The Cubs host the Pirates with Travis Wood all set to get things going 2:20 eastern time.

With a record of 24-33, you can almost assume that it’s a must win for the Northsiders if they have any chance of keeping up with the Pirates. The Cubs are 9 1/2 games back of the Wild Card and 13 1/2 behind division leaders Cardinals.

I believe they can beat the Pirates. Ryan Sweeney is hitting .357 since joining the Cubs from Triple A but the Pirates have the Cubs number this year at 4-2

The Cubs have picked on some of the best this season. This is going to be a classic.



  1. Dave · June 8, 2013

    Unfortunately, the Cubs couldn’t get the extra base hits. Only 5 all day in no semblance of order. Wood was better than average but, not good enough to secure a win. He’s been better from the mound.


  2. Minoring In Baseball · June 9, 2013

    I think Bryant was a pretty good pick. Any idea what level they’ll start him out at? I’d like to see him at least in Kane County in the near future.


  3. sarahlouisek · June 18, 2013

    Damn is he cute. Who cares if he can pitch? He looks like such a sweet guy too.


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