Cody Ransom and Edwin Jackson Come Up Huge Against The Pirates

Cody Ransom

Edwin Jackson got his win. I’ve picked on him a lot this year. Everyone has picked on him but yesterday, against the Pirates; Edwin Jackson collected his second win of the season as the Chicago Cubs defeated the Pirates, 4-1.

Hopefully, Edwin gave Cody Ransom a great big hug after Ransom destroyed the ball on his way to getting his sixth Home Run of the season, a two run shot that drove Julio Borbon and Darwin Barney home.


“I told myself to just go out and have fun,” Jackson said. “Stay relaxed, stay loose and just play the game. Sometimes it gets too serious. You’re kind of confined to a bubble. Today it’s like coming out of the bubble.”

You sure came out of that bubble today.

Cody Ransom had a great game yesterday. He was aggressive on the bag, although getting picked off at second base in the third inning; it’s this style of play that will win games.

“He got caught sleeping a little bit there,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “[Ransom] has got almost an .800 OPS playing against left-handers and done a great job defensively. He’s done everything and more since we picked him up.”

Hey, Cody got that homer. Great job, guys. Congratulations Edwin on your win and hopefully this is the start of something special!!!

The Cubs open a four game series with the Reds. Nobody needs to be told how important this series is. The Cubs can gain valuable ground on their division.

Scott Feldman kicks it off at 8:05 eastern tonight.


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