“You Red My Mind”

starlin castro

There’s a trend going on here. A player signs a big contract and then they struggle on the mound or don’t hit the ball. Edwin? Anthony? No more Tony for you, back to Anthony.

All right, I shouldn’t pick on you guys. You’re great players and I’ve always um, gone to bat for you. Edwin, you played a good game the other day, but Anthony, you have to end this slump you’re in.

The Cubs lost to the Reds 2-1 and with that loss, extending the Reds streak at Wrigley to twelve games. Ouch! Nate Schierholtz continued to amaze me with his eighth home run.

“I think it’s going to test everyone’s character that we are far out of it,” Rizzo said. “We obviously aren’t playing very well right now. The pitchers are pitching their tails off, and us hitters aren’t giving them anything to show for it. It’s going to be a grind.

Someone told me yesterday that great teams have great base running. They’re always moving the players. This is not only a true statement and a no brainer, but aggressive stealing and just “going for it” will have a better chance of scoring than waiting on the bag.

The pitching for the Cubs has been outstanding this year(Edwin? Naw) when it was supposed to be mediocre at best while the hitting was supposed to be good. This hasn’t been the case and you can see the frustration on Dale Sveum’s face.

“When you’re 16 games out, and you’re dealing with the teams ahead of you that are the elite in the league, obviously we haven’t been (competitive in) our division at all,” Sveum said before the game. “We haven’t played well.”

Nobody ever said that the Cubs were going to the World Series this year and I have to admit I thought they’d have a shot at a Wild Card spot which they still do but one thing has to happen and allow me to quote Major League

Jake Taylor: [Jake stands up] Well then I guess there’s only one thing left to do.

Roger Dorn: What’s that?

Jake Taylor: Win the whole (fill in the blank) thing.

The Shark, Jeff Samardzija takes the ball today at 2:20 Eastern.



  1. Dave · June 13, 2013

    The title of this entry is great. Think we’re on the same page.

    Wild Card? That will be rough but, I hope so.

    Cubs need a solid line-up to go left & right. Platooning takes players in, and out of grooves so much so, they don’t have a groove, any more.

    Starting rotation needs to re-gain their groove.


    • The Cub Den · June 13, 2013

      Somehow, they’ve fallen out of a groove. It’s an old cliché but the bats need swinging.


  2. sarahlouisek · June 25, 2013

    It was nice to see the Cubs get a big win on Sunday, I think it was 14-6. But when I pointed out the team flags to my friend, I noticed the Cubs were in last place in the NL Central. So disappointing…


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