Cubs Get in Tough With Cardinals

Travis Wood

The Cubs kept it close, but they couldn’t pull out the win after a rain delayed game. They fell to the St. Louis Cardinals 5-2 last night.

Nobody said this season was going to be easy. Last night, they played the best team in baseball. They played their rivals. They played the St. Louis Cardinals.

Dale Sveum was ejected after Travis Wood was covering home and Wellington Castillo threw for the out but Molina was credited with the score.

“It’s a big play in the game at that time,” Sveum said. “One of your best pitchers on the mound, if not our best pitcher, blocks the plate and gets there, and it’s just an out call.”

Whenever I talk about the Cubs to someone, I usually get the same answer which is probably close to the answers Cubs fans receive from non Cubs fans and which I won’t print here.

On any given night, the Cubs can be great, even outstanding. This year, the pitching has been great and steady. Travis Wood had another great game, but even the Rotation has been strong when the Order has been shaky.

Starlin Castro can’t be considered a young guy anymore. He’s a ball player and a pro. He’s got to carry this young Cubs team and believe me, last night he did some good things.

Darwin Barney has struggled since coming back from his injury and that’s ok, the Cubs aren’t paying him for his bat but his defense abilities.

Tony Rizzo will find his groove.

So, the big question surrounding the team is;

Do they make changes?

No. Of course change is inevitable, but I’m a great believer in staying the course. Dale Sveum can get frustrated with his players and that’s only natural, but it will take time to get the farm growing and evolving into that championship calibre team that is there.

“He knows we’re good, and he’s pushing us to even be better,” Travis Wood said. “He knows what we’re capable of doing, and he’s trying to get us to put it all together.”

Too many changes will only lead a team to spinning their wheels. I hope the Cubs get a wild card spot, but it’s doubtful and even if they do make the playoffs and they lose in the first round, how will that help them towards getting that coveted World Series Championship?

I think they’re in a good spot right now, and I love watching those little flashes of genius in their game. My picks for the representatives on the Cubs in the All Star game? Nate Schierholtz and Travis Wood.


Game time today is 8:15 eastern when Jeff “The Shark” Samardzija tries to even the series.


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