Cubs Maulina’d by Yadier

The Chicago Cubs weren’t beaten by the St. Louis Cardinals as much as Yadier Molina was the one who beat the Chicago Cubs. After hitting a two run shot in the sixth inning, the Cardinals took command of a tie game and never looked back. Cardinals win 4-1

Edwin Jackson was going for his third win in a row, but what are you going to do against the potential MVP of 2013?

“I felt like it wasn’t a super bad outing tonight,” Edwin Jackson said. “I thought it was a pretty good pitch but either he was looking for it or he guessed right. It was right in his zone. I threw my pitch with conviction, the pitch I wanted to throw. Sometimes that happens.”

Edwin Jackson had a good game and I’m starting to feel kind of embarrassed for picking on him in earlier posts. What do you expect from a huge off season signing that started out inconsistent?

Sorry Edwin.

“It’s a game of chess,” Jackson said. “You win some and lose some. Tonight was a tough loss, especially if you feel like it was from one pitch. But I threw the pitch with conviction. He hit a home run.”

So, having stopped picking on Edwin Jackson, let me turn the finger over to Mr. Starlin Castro. Yes, it’s your turn. Castro failed to get any hits last night. I know you have this iron man streak going at 265 games, but I think I’d prefer a 265 game hitting streak myself. Does everyone agree with me on this one? Starlin Castro went hitless last night. I think it’s odd that he leads the team in hits at 69 but his OBP is dismal.269 I don’t know what that says about him?

You have Ryan Sweeney’s batting avg. at .300 and Castro’s is only .235 something’s not right here and I think I know how to fix it.

Put Castro in the lead off position. That’s right, I’ve said it before. He needs to be put in the frying pan front and centre. That means in the lead off. Every great player has the ability to mature in the lead off spot.

His stats are just weird They don’t make sense. He should be a better player according to his numbers.

Try him in the lead off. Things will turn around for him. I guarantee it.

The Cubs will try to close out the series tonight with Scott Feldman and all his Feldmania on the mound before hosting the Houston Astros tomorrow at Wrigley Field.


Game time tonight is 8:15 eastern.

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