Darwin Barney Nearly Hits For Cycle

Darwin Barney fell just shy of the cycle just needing a triple.

Darwin Barney fell just shy of the cycle just needing a triple.

Matt Garza pitched a beauty of a game and Tony Rizzo walloped a home run in the fourth inning. Let’s not forget Mr. Darwin Barney coming just shy of going for the cycle when all he needed was a triple.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t learn something watching those Cardinal hitters as well,” Barney said. “They just have a good approach.”

Now, didn’t I tell you the Cardinals took the Cubs back to school? The education paid off.

I think this was Matt Garza’s best effort since coming back from injuries.

“His fastball had life and he had command of it down and away and in,” manager Dale Sveum said. “His slider got better as the game went on. ”

Even though, Garza only gave up four hits, it was a combination of three home runs by Rizzo, Barney and Scott Hairston that contributed to this balanced win.

All year, it’s been great pitching performances that have carried the Cubs, but this is what happens when their “Go-To Guys” are hitting, the Cubs will win more games.

The other area that the Cubs need work on is their RISP. Yesterday, they went 0 for 3. That has to change. Let’s just compare the Toronto Blue Jays win over the Orioles last night. The Blue Jays went 3 for 6 and they’ve won nine in a row. This isn’t a very accurate statistic in regards to how well a team performs but driving in those runs will help a team win championships.

So, let’s look at a better statistic is of course, RBI’s.

The Boston Red Sox are at the top of the standings and it’s no surprise that they lead all clubs in RBI’s

“That’s the way we’ve scored all year — slugging percentage and home runs,” Sveum said. “Even though we have gone through 2 1/2 months of seeing a lot of pitches, we still don’t seem to get the walks. That’s how we score — home runs and doubles.”

Stick to what works, but they have to work on lowering the RISP and getting those runners in before the Cubs wind up, “One hit wonders”.

This team can do it and today they can make it two in a row when my pick for All Star Travis Wood, takes to the mound at 4:05 eastern.


One comment

  1. Dave · June 22, 2013

    While the cycle is always a great accomplishment, it’s just great seeing Barney hit well. Hopefully it will continue.


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