Roll Out The Barrels

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers

It was too close for comfort last night, but the Cubs held on in the ninth inning to grab a 5-4 win over the Milwaukee Brewers.

Cubs closer Kevin Gregg recorded his twelfth save of the season but it happened in dramatic fashion after giving up a home run to Juan Francisco and a Rickie Weeks double.


“You have a calm [with Gregg], because you know he’s not going to implode with walks and stuff like that,” Dale Sveum said. “They’re going to have to get their hits to beat him. The times that he’s given up a run, they’ve hit the ball. He doesn’t walk guys. He knows how to pitch. He knows, ‘If I throw strikes, they have to get hits to beat me.’ We’ve seen many closers over the years do a nice job just because they don’t walk anybody.”

Tony Rizzo celebrated his one year anniversary by getting the winning run, congratulations Tony.

This game almost felt like a playoff game because the Brewers and the Cubs play each other very hard. Unfortunately, the Brewers have come out on top most of the time.

So where are the Cubs after last nights victory? This time last year they were 27-49 as compared to 32-44. Not a bad improvement but they’re getting better. Last night’s nail biter also proved that the Cubs can hang on to those wins in the ninth. Even if they did get lucky.

That’s what this season has been all about really. Tweaking the team bit by bit for when the prospects finally get their chance in the big leagues.

The Cubs try to close out the series today with a win when Matt Garza gets the call. Game time is 2:20 pm eastern



  1. Dave · June 27, 2013

    Oh, so typical of the Cubs. Let’s make it interesting before it’s over. I wish they would stop making it interesting. That would be up to Theo Epstein to get all the puzzle pieces correctly in place to prevent all this 9th inning drama.


  2. strictlycubsbaseball · June 27, 2013

    When is the last time we had a closer that didn’t make things interesting??? LOL!


  3. The Cub Den · June 29, 2013

    The one thing about this season, is it’s been interesting!


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