The Cubs Get Looted By Pirates

castro wipes

The Cubs are in a tough division. Pittsburgh is the best team in baseball at the moment. Jeff Samardzija, the “Shark” was in tough waters with the Pirates and this time, the Pirates controlled the Shark infested waters.

Yesterday, the Cubs lost the series opener 6-2. Somebody once said, “In order to be the best, you have to beat the best” so playing teams like the Pirates is a true test for the Cubs and in most cases, the Cubs end up losing. Which is all right, they’re learning.

“My ball was up in the zone,” Samardzija said. “I just wasn’t able to be aggressive out there.”

Ask Starlin Castro.

In the eighth inning, Castro wandered from second base and got caught by my fellow Canuck, Russell Martin. Sounds simple enough, but with the Cubs down 6-2 and Castro on second base with Dioner Navarro up to bat, you kind of want to play it safe. Now’s not the time to hot dog it. However, that’s been Starlin Castro’s learning curve since he’s come to the big leagues. He’s got the tools but he hasn’t harnessed it yet. Teams like Pittsburgh will make him pay for it.

“It’s not a smart play,” admitted Castro.

That is the reason that when the 2013 National league All Stars are announced today, Starlin Castro’s name will not be announced.

The Cubs got an early lead in the second inning going up 2-1, but when you’re playing the best team in baseball, you can find out the hard way why they’re the best.

Scott Hairston connected with a two run homer that drove in Cody Ransom in the second inning, but that was all the Pirates would allow them.

“We’ve been pretty decent on the road and we’ve got to win these games at home,” Dale Sveum said. “We’ve got a tough home stretch with the teams coming in, but we’ve got to take advantage of playing at home and winning some games.”

The 2013 All Stars will be revealed tonight on Fox. I’m betting Travis Wood will be there, but I would love to see Nate Schierholtz get the nod. I’m not taking anything away from Travis, but to me, Nate has excelled this year on a tough Chicago team. I think it would be awesome.

The Cubs try to get a reprieve from yesterday’s tough outing when Edwin Jackson gets the call to the mound. Game time is 4:05pm



  1. Minoring In Baseball · July 6, 2013

    Rough loss for the Cubbies. Yeah, the NL Central has turned into the AL East this season! Tough to compete in, but will make them better in the long run I believe. Who got the nod for the All-Star team?


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