Chicago Cubs Leave White Sox Out To Dry


Whenever the Cubs play the Chicago White Sox, something interesting happens; The Cubs play them hard. Last night, the Cubs pounded the White Sox and hung them out to dry 8-2.

Since all the trades that have been happening, I’ve made a case for Matt Garza to stay with the organization and last night’s performance by the ace pitcher may have provided enough proof that he should be the one to anchor their rotation.

“I think it’s picking up where I left off last year,” Garza said. “I just needed a couple starts under my belt and I’ll be right back in this thing, and I fully believed that.”

Matt Garza is a pretty intense guy and the type of player who wants to win all the time. unlike former pitcher Carlos Zambrano whose hot headedness often led to disruption in the clubhouse, Matt Garza gets excited and tries to rally his teammates. Folks, I don’t know about you, but the Cubs could use some enthusiasm from time to time.

Let’s talk about Alfonso Soriano. He’s the guy who has been in trade talks since 2009 at the least. He’s got a monster contract and it’s inevitable he’ll be shopped by the trade deadline of July 31.

He’s the guy I love to hate and he’s playing awesome! Last night, Fonzi destroyed the ball in the sixth inning giving him his 13th home run of the season.

“If they want me to stay here, I stay here. But if they don’t want me to, the door is open. I’ve had a good time. I just play one day at a time and enjoy my time.” Soriano said.

If he does end up staying with the organization, he could have to take a pay cut. At least that’s the most honorable thing to do and the Cubs could go out and sign a cheap quality free agent.

You’re making me a believer Alfonso!

Ok, Starlin Castro is in a slump. His numbers are down and what are the Cubs going to do with him? Well, the Cubs chances of making the post season are about the same odds as me being invited to the White House for a glass of Honey lager with President Obama to discuss the Cubs vs the White Sox.

Two things can happen: The Cubs can bench Castro in favour of a young prospect getting a shot at the big leagues or the Cubs should trade Starlin Castro. If Starlin’s going to develop into the kind of player the Cubs thought he was going to be, then now is the time to do a move like this.

Tonight, the Cubs host the LA Angels. Game time is 8:05.

How about that beer Mr. President?



  1. strictlycubsbaseball · July 9, 2013

    Soriano’s trade value is rising. When he gets hot he can carry a team for a month. Hopefully, we can trade him and continue to get younger. I think we may end up being buyers this off-season. You know Jacoby Ellsbury will be a free agent and Theo originally drafted him in Boston.



  2. Dave · July 9, 2013

    I’m having a very rough time leaving Garza or, Soriano on the trading block. These are your regular performers. Soriano is chief of the bench. PH, DH during inter- league play, and the go to outfielder as a sub.


  3. The Cub Den · July 9, 2013

    Yeah, I think Soriano has been strong but it’s inevitable that he’ll be traded to the American League. Jacoby Ellsbury would be a good pickup. The Cubs need a Bryce Harper or Mike Trout in their lineup, that would never happen, but I’ve got a gut feeling that Starlin Castro is in hot water and on thin ice, so don’t be shocked if Theo pulls off some kind of blockbuster.


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