The “Sori” Show Does It Again

Alfonso Soriano watches one of his two home runs go into orbit.

Alfonso Soriano watches one of his two home runs go into orbit.

At the beginning of the season nobody would have predicted the Chicago Cubs and the LA Angels would have similar records. The Angels (43-46) and the Cubs (40-48) duked it out last night with the Cubs dominating 7-2 in a thrilling home run fest at Wrigley Field.

Newly minted All star Travis Wood received applause for his effort and selection to the All Star Game. It still remains if he’ll be able to pitch in the All Star Game.

First, we had Feldmania, now we have the “Sori Show” That’s right folks, Alfonso Soriano, the ageless wonder connected twice giving him 15 dingers this season.

“He’s 37 years old, and to do what he’s doing, he’s carrying the ballclub at a time when we needed it,” Dale Sveum said. “His character and his work ethic and all the money he’s made, it’s like he’s a rookie out there.”

So, what happens when the Cubs big guns like Soriano, Tony Rizzo, Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney hit home runs? The Cubs win ball games. Maybe Starlin read my post yesterday about trading him and he wanted to prove his worth, I don’t know but whatever he does, it’s working so keep it up.

“I always say we have too much talent in this clubhouse, and sometimes these kids put too much pressure on themselves,” Soriano said. “They have to learn it’s one day at a time, it’s a long season. They have to believe in themselves. They have the talent.”

Obviously, Rizzo is going through a bit of a slump but yesterday’s home run and watching the way Soriano is hitting might get him back in a groove. Let’s not forget that there is plenty of baseball left in the season and the Cubs are only nine back in the Wild Card race. Consider this though, Pittsburgh has lost four in a row and teams like Cincinnati and Washington are on losing streaks of their own. The Cubs have won four in a row. Nobody likes to mess with a streak.

I`ve said it all year long and I`ll say it again; The Cubs will make the Wild Card.

The Cubs are looking to extend their streak to five in a row when Jeff Samardzija gets the start. Game time is 8:05pm



  1. Dave · July 10, 2013

    Sorry to say, I missed the game. There’s quite a bit of talent on this team, and when they play as a team machine, watch it! They can’t jump in that permanent groove. Maybe it’s all the platooning?


  2. Minoring In Baseball · July 11, 2013

    He had a great game against the ChiSox, too!


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