Get Ready For The Second Half


As the Cubs prepare to tackle the Colorado Rockies tonight in Colorado; Junior Lake, will be joining the team to replace the injured Brian Bogusevic. A little bit of the future in the making. The .295 hard hitting 23 year old will be making his first start this year.

I feel like it’s Opening Day again. It’s a fresh start for the Cubs and I hope they’ll bring up more Triple A players. It’s interesting to note that Alfonso Soriano leads the team in both home runs and stolen bases. Who was the last Cub to do that? Sammy Sosa. Hopefully, that’s the only time I’ll write that name.

Will Matt Garza sign with the Texas Rangers? Who will the Cubs get in return? Pretty exciting times. According to Fox Sports, Rangers prospects, C.J Edwards and Mike Olt’s names have been tossed around. I think it’s a good potential move for the Cubs if they should obtain these guys from the Rangers. I’m a big fan of getting prospects up and into the game. I think if they go after a quality player in a trade with Alfonso Soriano, the Cubs will be set. It might be in 2015 when the team is back up to 90 wins, but I’ve got a good feeling about it and it begins tonight.


One comment

  1. Dave · July 19, 2013

    Hoping not to lose Garza……I do believe the parent club falls further from any competition in 2014, and it is quite possible some prospects will not be as far along as hoped for 2015.


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