Villanueva Has A Rockie—Nah, I’m Not Going There

Carlos Villanueva

The Chicago Cubs were beat by the Colorado Rockies 9-3 last night. That’s pretty much how it happened. I’m not sugar coating it.

Carlos Villanueva had one of those nights as a pitcher where everything in his head, the pitches he’s going to throw, who he’s going to face and the outcome of those pitches were all drawn up in his head, but unfortunately, as soon as the batter steps into that box and the pitch is thrown, well, it doesn’t turn out the way it was planned.

“It’s frustrating at times, especially in the moment,” he said. “But you look at the bigger scheme of things. You let the ball go, you can’t really control what happens. it’s easier said than done.”

So what went wrong?

Villanueva gave up runs. He gave them up in the fourth and he gave them up in the fifth. it was one of those nights.

“I guess I’m glad we only play them twice this year,” Villanueva said. “Because you know what, it was basically a photocopy of last time. I tried some things different today, it seemed to work somewhat the first couple innings, but it’s a team that’s given me trouble throughout my career for some reason.”

And that is the nature of the game. A pitcher can pitch well for parts of the game and for some unknown explanation, the wheels come off. The batter finds your pitch. Then you’re in deep doggie poop.

Villanueva said “it was strange, I really didn’t feel like myself out there.”

We were feeling strange too.

The Cubs try to take the series when Edwin Jackson attempts to forget his rough first half of the season. Game time is 4:10 eastern time.


One comment

  1. Dave · July 22, 2013

    That’s okay. I went there. No shame. 🙂 This team cannot find a groove. Eventually, someday, they will have to have a consistent starting 8.


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