Rookie Mistakes & Castro Gets It Done


It was close yesterday as the Cubs lost to the Colorado Rockies, 4-3. Junior Lake made rookie mistakes and left Runners on Base. That has been the problem of the Cubs all year round.

“It’s tough, but he’s young and he’s full of energy, and I’m sure he’s pretty excited. But he’s been doing a great job out there so far.” Edwin Jackson said.

The good news is that Starlin Castro had a great game and whatever was ailing him in the first half of the season, has somewhat subsided. He collected three singles and a double. Way to go Starlin!

I think yesterday’s game was a good one despite the loss. There was a lot to take away from it. Besides Junior lake’s learning curve, which I think it would be a huge mistake if they were to send him back now. I’m a believer of “Out of the frying pan and into the fire” philosophy. I’ve harped on it many times before, but I’m happy with the direction the tam is going, so, play the kids, take the lumps, but be exciting and experiment. The Cubs aren’t really in a Wild Card race, so now is probably the best time to just go out and play some ball. Have fun.

Anthony Rizzo collected his 14th home run of the season as well. Yeah, yesterday’s game really was good. The kids made errors, but learned through their mistakes and the veterans and next generation guys like Castro and Rizzo played very well. That’s how this team is going to win. What hurt the club yesterday was that little old thing RISP. They have to fix that.

“We outhit them, we just didn’t outscore them,” Edwin Jackson said. “So it was just one of those days where they have the timely hits and we didn’t. But nevertheless we still fought hard, and we don’t really have much to hold our heads down about.

The Cubs are in tough when they continue the desert trip against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Matt Garza gets the start. Will it be his last start for the Cubs?

Game time is 9:40 eastern.


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