10-4 Over And Out

Chicago Cubs v Arizona Diamondbacks

The Cubs were schooled last night by the Arizona Diamondbacks and shown what a playoff bound team is like in a 10-4 loss.

Travis Wood kept the Cubs in the game until the sixth inning when the D’Backs woke up and collected three runs.

“We were rolling pretty good,” said Travis Wood, who retired the first nine batters he faced. “Other than the pitch to Prado that he ended up hitting out, the first five were pretty good. Unfortunately, they kind of figured me out in the sixth and were able to put up three more.”

Ok, and what about the Great Junior Lake? He continues to shine, getting another home run and going 3 for five. it’s too bad he wasn’t around in the first half, imagine the damage he could have done then?

“He’s playing as good as anybody can imagine for coming up after five games,” manager Dale Sveum said. “Every at-bat has been quality. He’s getting good pitches. The only pitches he’s been swinging bad at are great pitches… He’s one of them guys that look like he likes his stuff and performs better at this level.”

Did everyone see Coach Sveum get ejected in the third inning after Cody Ransom tossed his bat. It was Sveum’s fourth ejection of the season. I don’t understand it when managers argue these things and get thrown out. I think MLB should adopt a challenge system for managers because otherwise it’s kind of useless for them to argue calls and go head to head with the umpires. Anyways, great job Dale!

“I didn’t quite like the way he handled staring at Cody and following him,” Sveum said. “It was over with. He didn’t need to keep staring at my player and baiting him.”

Nate Schierholtz got into the action with a two run shot in the eighth which is proving my case for not trading this amazing player.

Rumours continue to swirl around Alfonso Soriano going to the Yankees. if this does come true, it will be his second time around with the Yanks. I hope it’s true and I hope the Cubs get some quality picks. I’m a big fan of building through the draft and getting the young players into the game. I think this is what will transpire in the possible Yankees deal. I have no problem with it but the Cubs will be on the hook for 18 million of his contract.

If Junior Lake continues playing the way he is, I see great things for the Cubs in the near future.

Jeff Samardzija gets the ball tonight. Game time is 9:40pm eastern.



  1. Dave · July 24, 2013

    I’d rather see Soriano remain here as the go-to emergency guy. The PH or DH in inter-league play. His performance enhances his market value, and his age brings it right back, down.

    I’m all for building the organization but, once in awhile you’ve got to do something for the parent to keep it all going.

    Over, 🙂 , and out…..


  2. Minoring In Baseball · July 25, 2013

    I would like to see Soriano stay in Chi as well. I’ve been impressed by Junior Lake, also. Looks like they have a player there, and hopefully more like him in the farm that can be brought up at some point.


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