Something Brewing in Chicago

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It seems bad weather and Edwin Jackson go hand in hand. Last night, the Chicago Cubs and Edwin Jackson beat up on the Brewers 6-1.

“I’m the rain man,” Jackson said. “I’m the designated rain man. It seems like mostly every start we’ve had that’s been rained out has been on my day. I don’t know, maybe a black cloud is trying to follow me.”

Starlin Castro chipped in his seventh home run of the season and the Cubs ended July on a winning note going 14-13, now that’s how you play baseball!

There was a peculiar trend in last night’s game and that was Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro and Edwin Jackson all had huge games for the Cubs. These of course, are the Cubs’ big guys who were signed to contracts that are supposed to be the team’s future. Last night, they came out blazing and see what happens? The Cubs win huge.

Now don’t get too excited, these were the Brewers but a win is a win.

Well, the trade deadline has come and gone and after seven players were dealt in July, the Cubs didn’t make any moves yesterday. Kevin Gregg, Nate Schierholtz and Jeff Samardzija are all still Cubs and I couldn’t be happier. I think this is the team that will get to the playoffs next year and perhaps a World Series, but I’m too hopeful and optimistic.

“You can never promise what position you’re going to be in going forward,” general manager Jed Hoyer said. “I’d never say we’re not going to be sellers again. You don’t want to be, but I do feel a lot better.

Jed Hoyer couldn’t be more on the mark. I still think out of all the players, Kevin Gregg might be on the move at sometime.

“It’s a relief that we don’t have to answer any questions anymore,” Jackson said. “Now, everything is done, we’ve made every trade we’re going to make. Now we can play baseball and concentrate on what we need to concentrate on.”

That’s to get that Wild Card spot and finish the season at .500 What do you think?

The Cubs will try to make it two when they face the LA Dodgers tonight at 8:05. Chris Rusin gets the ball.


One comment

  1. Dave · August 1, 2013

    Is it possible, Jackson will surprise everybody, including Theo? No walks by, Jackson, last night!!! Decent numbers all the way around!


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