The Great Lake Rizzo


Despite the loss, yesterday’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers was a very important game. Sure, the Cubs lost 6-4 but easily it could have been the other way around. Junior Lake and Tony Rizzo knocked two home runs each over the ivy. Starter Chris Rusin continues to impress giving the Dodgers all they can handle in the first half of the game.

“They scored more runs than we did, and we didn’t give ourselves the opportunity to score runs tonight,” Anthony Rizzo said. “This is unusual for us; usually we give ourselves that opportunity every game, but tonight it was just solo home runs. They kept us in it, but other than that, they really shut us down.”

That’s the reason the Dodgers are poised for the playoffs unless there’s some mighty collapse. Really, that’s what yesterday’s game amounted to; The Cubs got beat by one of the best in baseball.

Junior Lake made an incredible catch in the ninth, crashing into the wall, I hope he’s all right. However, that kind of grab and hustle is what’s going to eventually work out for the Cubs in the future, perhaps even next season. I wish Lake was up for most of the year because he sure would have been an All Star. Watching the kids get those home runs, and back to back no less, was a shining example why excitement is building on the North Side of Chicago these days.

“The thing about Chicago is you have an opportunity here to do something that you really can’t do anywhere else in any game — win a championship that hasn’t been done in (104) years,” Darwin Barney said. “That’s what really drives people to want to be here, to see what it would be like.

To think that the Dodgers and the Cubs had almost identical records just over a month ago is a testament to what that Dodger team is capable of, but the two teams are vastly different in their approach to winning a championship.

“I’m of the belief you’re never one player away,” Theo Epstein recently said. “If you think you’re one player away you’re getting desperate and asking for trouble. It’s the single biggest factor in whether you have a chance to contend, the overall health of the organization.

Travis Wood takes to the mound to turn things around today at 4:05 eastern.


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