Cubs Jump Into The Lake

Dodgers Cubs Baseball 1

Ok, so it didn’t go as planned. Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs fell to the Los Angeles Dodgers, 6-2. It wasn’t pretty and although 2013 All Star Travis Wood was on the mound, it was his worst start of the season.

Sure, not so long in the past, the Cubs and the Dodgers shared the same record, but this isn’t a few weeks ago and this is the Dodgers who signed every freakin’ player with a batting average over .300 during the off season.

The Dodgers chased Wood after four innings.

“You can’t have five walks, especially with the team they are over there,” Wood said.

So, the Cubs had a rough outing against the Dodgers and Travis Wood, well, wasn’t Travis Wood yesterday, but things weren’t so bad for the Cubs yesterday. Let’s talk about Junior Lake.

I’m sure there; are tons of Cubs fans out there jumping into the Lake. See what I did there? Instead of saying, “Jumping on the band wagon, I switched it and said Lake.” I got a million of them.

There’s a great reason why we should all be “Jumping into the Lake”

Junior Lake got four hits yesterday and not since Wrigley Field was a toddler way back in 1916 has a Cubs player got two four hit games in less than twenty games. Is that incredible?

“I feel so good,” Lake said through a translator. “I see the results of [the work] I do before the game, pregame. Again, I feel so great [about that].”

“I told Dale when he came up here, ‘He’s going to do things on the baseball field you haven’t seen before — both good and bad — until he fully develops and matures,'” Theo Epstein said on Friday. “But it’s going to be fun to watch and it’s great to see this ball of clay being formed before your eyes.”

The Cubs will continue to see that ball of clay form as Junior Lake and the Cubs try to stop the Dodger Express today. Jeff Samardzija gets the call to the mound. Game time is 4:05pm


One comment

  1. Minoring In Baseball · August 3, 2013

    The Dodgers are just playing at a whole different level at this point. I don’t think it’s the Cubs playing bad, they’re just hitting LA on this streak. Lake is very impressive. I hope he can keep it going and turn into a leader for this team.


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