Cubs Lose 1-0 To The Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs

As the one run losses pile up, the Chicago Cubs are glad to be past those surging Dodgers. Yesterday, the Cubs fell to the Dodgers 1-0.

A main problem with the Cubs this season is to win these close games despite playing decent ball. I think it would be different if in the majority of these games, the Cubs turned them into ,”The Cub Follies” but for the most part, I’ve enjoyed watching these guys compete every game.

“Obviously we want to bring our fans at Wrigley wins,” pitcher Carlos Villanueva said. “We get the fan support, and coming from other teams that I have been on … the fans don’t really come out like here. It’s a special thing. You feel the fans behind you and you feel them rallying behind you.”

Maybe that’s the problem as well. Fan support can only go so far. We’d like to see some wins put up too. I’d be foolish to think that players coming into Chicago believe that because of the Cubs rich history that it’s all about, “The Lovable Losers” title that’s been woefully attached to this club. Every guy who puts on the Cubs uniform believes that they can win.

This year has been great for watching the team. It’s a turning point for the team and seeing the young guys like Junior Lake and now Logan Watkins. There’s no other way to put it, I’m stoked for their future.

Right now though, it’s those one run games they must win.

“We didn’t have a whole lot going on [offensively], but that was obviously a chance, bases loaded with one out, and we didn’t get the job done again,” Dale Sveum said. ” … We got shut out three times in seven games at home. We scored two in another one. So it’s very difficult, obviously, to win unless you’re scoring runs.”

The Cubs will enjoy a break before heading to Philadelphia to take on the Phillies tomorrow. Edwin Jackson gets the start. Game time is 7:05 eastern.


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